Career Readiness Indicators (CRI)

Career Readiness Indicators and Their Role in Accountability [presentation]
Credentialing Indicators 
    CRI Lists: CRI List Effective 8-4-2017 |  CRI List Effective 1-4-2017
    CRI Questionnaire
    CRI Review Panel 
Reporting CRIs
     CRI and Credential Report 
     CRI Grant Data Gathering Tool 
     How to Create a Query in iNOW 
     Webex on How to enter a CRI into iNOW

Student Organization

State JROTC Officers (2017-2018)
JROTC Cadet State Officer Selection Process 


JROTC under CTE Minimum 
Required Salaries for Instructors
PE Waiver Requirement Annulled
Launch a JROTC Program
Waiver Request for Career Preparedness Annulled 

Other Resources

Equipment Lists 
     Government and Public Administration Equipment List
Program Guide 
     Government and Public Administration Cluster Program Guide 
JROTC Program Grid
Annual Alabama JROTC Treasurer's Report (As of 7-31-2017)
Voice of Democracy Winning Essay California (2017)
Voice of Democracy State Winners (2017)
Alabama CTE Electives and STEM Briefing (2017)
Alabama CTE JROTC Best Practice Briefing 
American Legion Briefing for AL CTE Summer Conference (August 2017)
CMP Program in Alabama 
College Options Foundation JROTC Birmingham Presentation 
Joint Leadership Development Conference (JLDC) 
JROTC ACTE Conference Briefing (LTC Barrow - 2017)
JROTC ACTE Conference Briefing (LTC Barrow - 2016)
JROTC Aviation Challenge 
JROTC - CTE 101 
March-2-Success Presentation 
Medal of Honor Presentation 
SAR JROTC Presentation 
Voice of Democracy (2017)
Voice of Democracy Student Entry Form 
Voice of Democracy Rules and Eligibility 

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