2020-2021 State Officer Team

Meet The Team

Ketty-Daphney Ngwese


New Century Technology High School

Isabella Horine

Senior Vice President

Thompson High School

Matthew Braswell

Vice President

Carroll High School

Sydney Baumbach

Vice President

Air Force JROTC
Bob Jones High School

Colin Kelley

Vice President

Navy/Marine Corps JROTC
Hazel Green High School

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State Officer Candidates

The primary objective of student officers for the ALJROTC is to serve as a powerful connection from the cadets of JROTC in the State of Alabama to the Career and Technical Education Association. The responsibilities of a student officer are attending all regular meetings, accomplishing all requested tasks by the Chain of Command, effectively representing Alabama JROTC cadets’ concerns to the state-wide community, and coordinating all ALJROTC activities.