Space Force Visits Huntsville!

On 19 August USSF Col Niki Lindhorst, Commander of Space Force Delta 13, and Chief Master Sergeant Esther Sanford, senior enlisted advisor for Space Force Delta 13 (the Education delta), visited Huntsville High School and their AFJROTC unit. She met with the Huntsville City Schools School Board and Superintendent Christie Finley first thing in the morning and was presented a cadet-created, cadet-led Mission Brief by the Command Staff of AL-941. This Mission Brief contained an overview of their Corps and a Q&A session for the Space Force visitors. After the Brief, she spoke to the eight highest-ranked staff members about the Corps’ upcoming transition into a Space Force unit. AL-941 is one of ten Air Force units across the nation on track to become a Space Force unit in the 2021-22 academic year. The cadets were honored to host Col Lindhorst and Chief Master Sergeant Sanford and are hopeful that they will visit again soon.